The Bat Man by Jo Nesbø

Inger Holt, a Norwegian TV celebrity is murdered in Australia. The Norwegian policeman Harry Hole is sent to Sydney to assist with the investigation, but also to escape from his problems with alcohol and to get some distance to the car crash, which he survived but a colleague was killed in.

Harry Hole and the Australian policeman Andrew Kensington looks for the killer, and it does not take long before they suspect that they are dealing with a serial killer. During the investigation they meet drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, transvestites, boxers, aborigines and circus artists.

I had heard so many great things about Jo Nesbø’s novels, so I looked forward to put another series on my “to read list.” But after having read his first novel The Bat Man I seriously doubt that I will read any other novels by Jo Nesbø. I did not like this novel at all, and it only goes to show how tastes can differ, since The Bat Man was awarded with The 1997 Riverton Prize for Best Norwegian Crime Novel and The 1998 Glass Key for Best Nordic Crime Novel of the Year.

I thought the novel was too slow, there was too much “fluff” and I never cared about the characters. Eventually I just wanted the novel to end. I did however like the titles of each chapter, which represent the content of each chapter.

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  1. PLEASE give Jo Nesbo another chance!!!! Read NEMESIS and you will be HOOKED !!!!!

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    05 July 2010 22:49