Tell No Tales by Eva Dolan

tell no tales

Eva Dolan

This was my first encounter with British author Eva Dolan, whose first novel was Long Way Home. Tell No Tales is #2 in the series. (The 3rd novel is called After You Die.)

Politically Very Current

What hit me the most is how politically current it feels. Britain recently voted to exit the EU. Many Brexit supporters claim that the consequences of the free job market in Europe is that many, according to them, comes to the UK and “steal” their jobs. This novel is about guest workers in the city Peterborough, many from Poland but also other countries and the cultural and racial tensions that it brings.

Hate Crimes Unit

Zigic leads the Hate Crime Unit who is investigating several murders with a neo-Nazi overtone. Zigic, the feisty Ferreira and the rest of the team they also get a case where a man kills some guest workers in cold blood. Ferreira is convinced that a local politician leading a right-wing extremist party is behind the crimes, but it is difficult to get past his polished surface.

Far Away from Midsomer

If you want a crime novel á la Midsomer Murders, Sandhamn or Fjällbacka you have chosen the wrong one. There are dirty places, tough reality and tragic life stories. You get an insight into a world that is very much real and it shows how extremism can develop in different ways. There are no winners when hate takes hold. It is unpleasant and scarily close to reality, but also useful and exciting to read.


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