Stepping Out of Line by Denise Rudberg


The main character Marianne Jidhoff is a middle-aged woman who has recently been widowed. Her deceased husband Hans worked as State Prosecutor and was more faithful to his job than to Marianne. She returns to her old job as a prosecutor secretary when her unfaithful husband has passed away. When a man gets murdered in an upper class neighborhood in Stockholm the case ends up on her table.

New Genre?

In the marketing of this book it has been said that Denise Ruberg has created a new genre called “Elegant Crime.” Rudberg is already successful in the chick lit genre and I get the feeling that Rudberg wants a piece of the “success-cake” that Swedish crime authors have enjoyed that last couple of years. In my opinion she has just written another chick lit novel but this time a murder is included.


The excitement never appears and the solution of the crime just happens in the end. There are a lot of everyday events and not as much extravagance as one may think. There are also some loose ends that you think will lead somewhere but that are forgotten.


On the other hand the language is great and I really like some of the characters, especially the main character Marianne. If Rudberg can work out a better story and tone down the chick lit aspects I think she would get more repeat readers. And who knows maybe the people who liked her previous novels will take their first steps into the crime novel world thanks to this novel.

There will be more…

This was the first novel about Marianne Jidhoff, but not the last. Rudberg has already signed a contract for two more (she has planned a total of nine) and she has sold the movie rights to SF.

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