Stars of David by Kristina Ohlsson


A preschool teacher is shot and killed outside the Jewish Solomon School in Stockholm, Sweden. A few hours later, two ten-year-old Jewish boys disappear on their way to tennis practice. Are these crimes connected? And who is the Paper Boy who keeps appearing in the investigation? A myth or a real person? The investigation leads the investigators to Israel.

Efraim Kiel is in Stockholm at this time. He has come from Jerusalem to help with the recruitment of a new head of security at the Solomon Parish, but he stays in Sweden after they have filled the position. He and Eden Lundell, the head of the Swedish Security Police, have a past together. So she decides to investigate on her own what he is really doing there.

Best Novel So Far

Stars of David is the fifth novel in the series about Fredrika Bergman and Alex Recht and it is the best one so far! The suspense is kept high from beginning to end. Kristina Ohlsson is also showing the reader fragments of events that will occur in the future which raises the level of suspense even further.

Kristina Ohlsson has worked at the Swedish Security Service, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Swedish National Defense College, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. You can tell that she uses her experience and knowledge in her writing. Keep it up!

I cannot help but wonder why the title of the book is not The Paper Boy…


Original title in Swedish: Davidsstjärnor

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