Source Code – Sci-fi Thriller at Its Best

An Attempt to Describe the Storyline

Imagine that someone could investigate the past during eight minutes. The person in question experiences these eight minutes for real and can interact with his/her environment (and influence how the eight minutes play out). But it is not a question about time traveling; when the eight minutes have passed the changes made have not influenced the future.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a former pilot, who is sent back to the past to figure out who was responsible for a bomb that exploded on a passenger train earlier in the day. The time pressure is immense because they suspect the person is planning an even bigger attack soon.

During each trip Jake has eight minutes to find clues. If he does not succeed he is sent back to the same eight minutes, over and over again… During his trips he cannot help but starting to like the passengers on the train, who all will (or rather have) died. Jake starts to wonder whether or not he could actually do something to save these people…

Really Good

This is a really smart and warm movie. The storyline may sound technical and weird when it is described in a few sentences, but the movie is above all an exciting thriller and love story.

Source Code is one of the best movies I have watched this year. I really recommend it!

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