Some Lines Break by Varg Gyllander

Varg Gyllander is a really good writer, but his editor is too lax. There are too many sidetracks from the main story, which makes the book too fragmented, too long, and at times too slow.

The main story starts with a murder of a young woman in a fountain in the city center. When another murder takes place, suspicions of a serial killer are brought to light (after a while).¨

The main story is ok, no more no less. The author succeeds in making the story better by, very skillfully, spicing up the story with technical details and colorful environmental descriptions. I like that!

Then there is a chapter about olives all of a sudden. Well, I may be exaggerating a little bit, but there is a long section about grammar and olives in the middle of the book that does not add anything to the story. It slows down the tempo, which is too bad. In my opinion there is also a failed section where the middle aged male main character dreams of vaginas and masturbates. I suppose that the section was meant to show loneliness but for me it is just strange.

But there are also times when the book is close to genius. One section where the author very successfully makes fun of detective clichés gave me a really good laugh.

Some Lines Break is an acceptable debut novel, but it could have been even better if it had been edited differently.


Original title in Swedish: Somliga linor brister


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