“Södermalmsmorden” by Lars Bill Lundholm

A man is found murdered in a channel in Stockholm. He has no identification on him, and the body is impossible to identify. Axel Hake becomes responsible for the murder investigation and the only clue he has is an unusual tattoo that the victim has on his arm.

I like the author’s writing style and the fact that he does not use too many sidetracks, which keeps the novel focused and on point. The story is really good, and it stays exciting and unpredictable except for the parts involving Axel Hake’s personal life, which I find less interesting.

Södermalmsmorden (Swedish title, I do not know if/when the novel will be translated to English) is the second novel in Lars Bill Lundholm’s series about Axel Hake. Each novel takes place in a different neighborhood in Stockholm, and this time the turn came to Södermalm.

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  1. I like all of his books. Really good stories and characters. But I find his “modern” relationship with his girlfriend utterly interesting also. And his love for his complicated sister, the overweight veterinarian. The crimes are plausible, not just a bunch of serialkillers who do horrible things, but people that suddenly kills. Could be you or me…

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    27 May 2010 13:37