Själakistan by Ann Rosman

So, beautiful and interesting Marstrand, on the Swedish west coast is begining to catch up with Gotland on the east coast when it comes to horrible crimes and mysterious creatures.

The second crime novel by Ann Rosman makes a flying start. An unknown woman is found dead by the sacrifice stone . A body without its head. At the same time, a womans head is found in a nearby garden. Opposite to what you would think, the head and the body is not a  match…

Old tales of Witchcraft and modern RPG , boating and local history. It is easy to pick up on the authors genuine interest in her home village and boating. Just as her debut novel, Fyrmästarens dotter, the story has a light and easy flow. They are also both page turners and no unwanted hick-ups or irregularities stop me from enjoying them. As for Själakistan, the beginning is truly brilliant, and the end is… Well, sorry – that you have to find out for yourself!

The environments and the characters are strong and very real. Beautifully painted. However, the odd person is somewhat loosely sketched, but that is ok too. I have no need to get equally close to all characters.

Well done Ann, yet another success!


  1. I want to read this one now! I loved her first book and have been looking forward to this one for a while.

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    02 July 2010 23:49

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