Sherlock Holmes

In the beginning of the movie the serial killer Lord Blackwood is caught thanks to the classic duo Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Lord Blackwood is sentenced to death, but he uses black magic to rise from the dead and Holmes’s logic and power of deduction is put to the test. Holmes and Watson try to catch Lord Blackwood before he can commit more murders and carry out his planned attack at the British Parliament.

Sherlock Holmes reminds me of the TV characters House and Monk. Holmes is cynical and rude but uses his senses and logic at a whole other level than others and can solve even the most difficult cases.

Sherlock Holmes is played by Robert Downey Jr. and his partner Dr. Watson by Jude Law. Perfect casting! There is a deep friendship behind the couple’s verbal quarrels. The friendship is put to the test when Holmes is not entirely pleased with Watson’s choice of fiancée.

The movie ends with a cliffhanger and we can look forward to an exciting sequel. I really liked the movie and definitely recommend it! I have to admit though that I have never read a Sherlock Holmes novel. But after having seen the movie I will definitely do so to see if the movie characters correspond to the ones in the novel. 

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