Sherlock Holmes – Case of Evil

“Sherlock Holmes – Case of Evil” (also called “Sherlock”) from 2002 is a very unusual Sherlock movie adaptation.


The movie starts with a young Sherlock shooting and “killing” Moriarty, but the body falls into a sewer system and is never found. After this Sherlock becomes somewhat famous.

As time goes by Holmes becomes more and more convinced that Moriaty is still alive, but he has trouble convincing the police. However, he gets help from a doctor who is a pioneer in performing autopsies…and the doctor’s last name is Watson.

The Unusual

As you can tell it is not the storyline that makes this movie adaptation unusual, but rather how they have interpreted Sherlock’s character. The moviemakers have chosen to “sex him up”?! For example, as far as I know this is the only movie about Holmes where he has a threesome.

I actually do not know what to think about this movie… Holmes seems much more human than he usually does; it is like getting a glimpse of the man behind the myth, which is interesting. But at the same time it is not like Holmes! What a dilemma.

It should be mentioned that this is a movie made for TV (albeit with a relatively large budget).

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