Second Wind by Sofie Sarenbrant

Second Wind takes places during Stockholm Marathon where a runner falls down and dies shortly after the start. It does not become clear that it was a murder until a second victim is found dead along the course. Policewoman Emma Sköld is at the race to cheer her sister on, and she quickly gets involved in the investigation. They need to hurry, the killer may be one of the participants and it becomes a race against time. Will they be able to find the killer before more people lose their lives?

It is not entirely true that the entire novel takes place during the race, because some chapters are flashbacks from the past year and it is not surprising that those events are important to the investigation. I cannot help but think about what happened during the Boston Marathon earlier this year, which makes the novel even scarier.

A Novel for the Beach

Second Wind is the fourth novel by Sofie Sarenbrant and the best one so far (I said the same thing about her third novel Rest in Peace). It is fairly obvious that she is inspired by Camilla Läckberg’s way of writing but I do not mind. Sarenbrant continues to evolve as an author and she delivers a straightforward, easy-to-read, entertaining novel that a lot of people no doubt will read this summer.

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