Sebastian Bergman is back

A whole family, mother, father, and two sons, are murdered in Torsby in Sweden. The local police needs help and the national police along with Sebastian Bergman, psychologist an expert profiler, is called in. The boys’ ten-year-old cousin Nicole was visiting but is missing. Nicole is found but is too shocked to speak. She reminds Sebastian of his own daughter, who died in the tsunami in Thailand. He is doing everything he can to get Nicole to trust him. The killer is doing everything to find and silence the girl permanently, since she is the only witness.

Sebastian Bergman

The Silent Girl (direct translation, not sure what the title will be) by Michael Hjorth & Hans Rosenfeldt* is the fourth novel in the series about Sebastian Bergman. And what can I say, Sebastian Bergman, the sex-addicted, narcissistic criminal psychologist has not changed one bit. If you have liked the other novels in the series you will not be disappointed.

The sidetrack with his biological daughter continues. He has managed to create a friendship with her (she still does not know that he is her father) thanks to his collaboration with the police. You cannot help but wonder when he (or someone else) will reveal the truth.

Dysfunctional Team

Sebastian is the main character but we also get to follow the private relationships of the other people on the team, and they all have their fair share of problems. The team is dysfunctional but that appeals to readers, me included. The novel ends with a cliffhanger and I look forward to the next novel in the series.


Original title in Swedish: Den stumma flickan

*Hans Rosenfeldt is also the creator of the TV show The Bridge.

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