Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton

SacrificeS.J Bolton is a completely new acquaintance for me, and I was very pleasantly surprised! When I read the back cover I thought that this was not something for me: ancient runes, ritual murders and ties to old legends – usually not my cup of tea at all!

Annoying Ending? Not At All!

Bolton has succeeded in creating a very original crime novel (which takes place on the Shetland Islands) completely packed with action, suspense and interesting characters. When I had about ten pages left I told a friend: “I don’t understand how she’ll be able to finish this, or do you think it’s one of those annoying novels where everything just ends without a real explanation?” But Bolton succeeded and she deserves a lot of credit!

Despite the fact that the storyline may be too imaginative at times, Sacrifice is overall very exciting and I really recommend it!

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