Why didn’t you tell me the last time we met that you were close to being fired?

…What do you mean?


You know what I mean. I have received information indicating that you had a drinking problem?


Jenny Moore had warned you that your drinking problem could get you fired on several occasions.

Yes, that’s correct.


So maybe you didn’t go home from the bar… You knew that you were in trouble. You had had too many beers. Maybe they would notice thay you were hungover at work the next day. Maybe you went to Jenny to admit your mistake, and ask for a second chance. Maybe Jenny wasn’t very happy to be woken up by a drunk bodyguard in the middle of the night. Maybe she said that there wouldn’t be any second chances… That you had blown your chances. Maybe you hadn’t planned it, but something went wrong and you killer her…isn’t that what happened?

That’s not true!!!! I could never hurt Jenny!


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