Real Murders by Charlaine Harris

It took me a few months to get through this novel, which says a lot…

True Blood

First, a little about the author, Charlaine Harris. She is probably best known for having written the novels that the TV series True Blood are based on. She had been writing murder mysteries for many years before she wrote the vampire/werewolf/witch/demon series.

Real Murders

The main character is a librarian, who also is a member of a club, the Real Murders club, where the members discuss real old murder cases. One day a number of real murders suddenly start occurring, and the first one happens during one of the Real Murders club’s meetings. It does not take long before it becomes apparent that it is very likely that the murderer is one of the members, but who?

My Opinion

I am clearly not the target market for this novel, and I probably would never even have thought of reading it had it not been for the fact that the author was behind True Blood (and I definitely would not have continued past the first ten pages).

My biggest problem with the novel was that I did not like the main character, Aurora Teagarden. Is the name alone not enough to throw up your lunch?! It was impossible to get a grasp of her. The storyline had a few twists that were ok, but these could not save the main storyline, which was rather unrealistic.

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