Our Lady of pain – A Mark Tartaglia novel

Our Lady of Pain, written by Elena Forbes 2008, is an English police procedural that takes place in London (Southwest in London) This is Forbes second novel with police detective Mark Tartaglia and his Side Kick Sam.  

Police procedurals can be more or less realistic when it comes to how the detectives solve their cases but you can tell that Forbes really tries and succeeds (at least I´m fooled) She speaks about this in this interview withCurled up with a good book.

Forbes also has the good taste to let the character be realistic. They all have both good and bad sides  which makes them feel like real persons and not “heroes”  which made me take in the characters better.

The case in this book is macabre and there is a gloomy mood in this book but not too much so it gets depressing.  I´m still not sure what I think of the end but I really enjoyed reading this book. Maybe it´s because she writes about London in a way that it almost becomes a character.  I so wanted to move to London (or at least visit it)  after reading this book. I actually used google map to find out where the victim was murdered, where the police station is and so on.   

The first book in the serie is “Die with me” In the Summer her third novel about Mark Tartaglia, “Evil in Return” will be released and I´m looking forward to it!

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