“Östermalmsmorden” by Lars Bill Lundholm

Christine Haldeman-Spegel is found brutally murdered in her apartment at Östermalm in Stockholm and at first she seems like a typical upper-class girl. Axel Hake is responsible of the murder investigation and tries to find out who she really was and what secrets her family may have been hiding.

Östermalmsmorden is the first part in Lars Bill Lundholm’s series about Axel Hake. Lundholm uses opposites very successfully in this book – rich and poor, good and evil, lies and truth, beauty and ugliness. I really recommend the book and will definitely read the rest of the books in the series.

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  1. I have read all four books in this “Stockholm Murder Mysteries”. They are mature and realy, really good. Lundholm is my favorite of the Scandinavians crime writers. His handicapped police Axel Hake and Hakes veterinarian sister(who collects weak men) are some of the best characters in contemporary crimewriting. Brilliant!

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    01 February 2010 13:31

    Ulla Skjöld