Nowhere under the Sky by Liselott Willén

The well-known politician Christian Weber is a proponent of a national DNA registry, and as an example of how it will work he voluntarily gives a sample of his saliva in a TV show. It turns out that his DNA matches evidence from a ten-year-old case where a young girl was murdered. Christian denies the allegations and a day later he has disappeared without a trace. If he tells the truth, what has really happened?

Truth and Consequence

The novel is about responsibility and shows that all our decisions in life have consequences, sometimes very serious ones. But chance also turns out to be of great significance. The novel also brings up violence and threats against women, and the guilt a mother has to live with when she has brought a violent man into her child’s life.

Interesting Intrigue

Current events are mixed up with Christian’s flashbacks and the murdered girl’s mother’s flashbacks. The debate regarding a national DNA registry is very interesting and the intrigue is exciting. The novel could have turned out great, but somewhere along the line it falls short. Too bad.

Original title in Swedish: Ingenstans under himlen

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