Nicola Upson – An Expert in Murder

I´ve just read Nicola Upsons´s criminal novel “An Expert in Murder”. The story takes place in the 1930´s London. The famous playwriter Josephine Tey is going down to London by train and starts chatting with a young women. Soon after the woman is murdered and it seems that the murder has something to do with the latest play Tey has written.

We get a good input in the world of a theater and a beutiful description of London. Upson also manage to skilfully  describe the deep mental scars that people carried 20 years from World War 1.

The only criminal novels from the 1930´s I´ve ever read were also written then and it was very refreshing to read a modern criminal novel that take place in that decade. Upson can write openly about things that only are hinted by authors from that time, which gives her a whole other freedom with the characters.

 I loved this book. It was exiting, well written, had fantastic settings and interesting characters.  I like!

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