Next Week: Interview with Tom Adair

Next week we will publish our interview with Tom Adair.

Fifteen Years of Forensic Experience

Tom Adair is an internationally recognized criminalist from Colorado, USA, with 15 years of forensic experience.

Tom is triple board certified in forensic related fields and one of only 40 board-certified bloodstain pattern analysts and 80 board-certified footwear examiners worldwide.

In addition to writing over 60 scientific papers, Tom has worked as the editor of the Journal of the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction, been interviewed by and consulted for television, books, magazines, and newspaper articles including documentaries on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Forensics for Crime Writers

Tom has a blog where he explains the basics of forensics for crime writers. He has just completed his first novel, so he knows of the challenges many writers face.

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