New Unni Lindell book out!

Popular Norwegian Crime author

The Norwegian crime author Unni Lindell has just released Sukkerdøden (Sugar Death if you translate it) in Sweden. This is her 8th book about superintendent Cato Isaksen and his department. Unni Lindell is very succesful in Scandinavia and a TV-series based on the books have been released.  


One day a young woman remembers something from the past that turns out to have fatal consequences. A commander in the police force is killed and  Marian, one of Catos colleagues, have a very personal relationship with the victim which complicates the investigation. In this book we follow different characters and get different angles but  Catos colleague Marian becomes some kind of main character.


This is a gloomy psychological thriller. Unni Lindell is a master of describing human relationships and broken souls. I would say the book is very typical for Scandinavian crime fiction.

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