“New” Sherlock Holmes Novel!

Anthony Horowitz

In 2011, the Sherlock Holmes book House of Silk was released in the UK. It is
the first time Doyles Estade asked an author to write a
“official” Holmes book. The author who had the honour of writing the book is Anthony Horowitz. He created the series Foyle’s War, and has written script for the Midsomer Murders and Poirot series.


The young antique dealer Edmund Carstairs comes to 221 Baker Street after being stalked by a man with a flap cap. Carstairs think the man is an American gangster who has come to avenge his brother after a failed art heist. Holmes takes the help of some street kids to find the man which leads to one of the children being brutally murdered . Around one of the boys leg someone has tied a white silken cloth that refers to the mysterious’ House of Silk “. When Holmes continues his investigation, he discovers a conspiracy with contacts high up in the British Society who will do anything to stop him…

Did it work?

Horowitz has managed incredibly well to create a new Holmes Novel. It really feels as if Doyle could have written this book. Everything and everyone you recognize is there. Dr. Watson as the constant companion, Mrs. Hudson, Lestrade, Mycroft, Moriarty and Holmes Street kids. The fog, the contrast between the elegant ladies of the upper classes and the gritty back streets with toothless drunks together with Holmes brilliant conclusions makes this a perfect Holmes novel.


I had forgotten the elated feeling of opening the first page of  an unread Holmes Novel as well as the not-so-funny  feeling when you have finished the last page … The feeling of loss. Was this all? I want more!

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  1. Interesting! May have to check it out.

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    11 February 2013 0:03