New Novel by Mari Jungstedt

We are on the Swedish island Gotland where a two-year-old disappears without a trace from a beauty salon. When another child disappears people become even more terrified. Anders Knutas and the other policemen are back in this eleventh novel in the series. During the course of the series a lot of things have happened to Detective Superintendent Knutas and he is carrying a lot of baggage. Since he is out on sick leave and only working part-time it is Karin Jacobsson who leads the investigation. Anders is divorced and his personal relationship with Karin develops outside the investigation.

My Wish

I really like Jungstedt’s way of writing and she is skilled at creating exciting plot lines. This novel was good but I am getting a little tired of the characters. I would love it if there was a new novel by Jungstedt with a new set of characters but I do not mind if it takes place on Gotland again. But since this novel ended with a cliffhanger it does not seem likely (at least not anytime soon.)

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