Nefilim by Åsa Schwartz

I´ve just read the novel Nefilim by the Swedish author Åsa Schwarz.


Nova Barakel, a Greenpeace activist, breaks in to the President of the biggest power company (Vattenfall) in Sweden to spray the apartment with words like murderer and blood money. In the apartment she discovers the man, together with his wife and dog, dead in a brutal and sadistic way. Soon another corporate president is murdered.

Nova becomes the lead suspect in the crime investigation and is forced to flee the police. At the same time she has to deal with her mothers recent death, whom she had a complicated relationship with. Mysterious events links her mothers death to the brutal murder. 


The Best way to describe Nefilim is to say  it´s a thriller mixed with police-procedural and religious/mystical  influences. Nova has some similiaraties to Stieg Larssons Lisbeth Salander but instead of hating men she hates people who destroys the environment.


Apart from Nova we also follow the tough inspector Amanda and her team. Amanda is an ok character but I´m getting tired of the stereotype  “Tough female single inspector who gladly shoots with her high heels on.”

Potential as a bestseller

I liked Nefilim and I think it has some ingredients that could make it a real bestseller:

1. It feels very modern and updated
2. It´s a page turner – I read it in only a couple of hours
3. The characters are interesting. When you finish the novel there are a lot of loose ends, which makes you want more.
4. The author uses real names and real companies which gives it a feeling of reality.
5. Stockholm is a beutiful city and Åsa Schwarz description of it and her small anecdotes of buildings that exist in real life doesn´t make it worse.
6. The element of occultism, religion and the supernatural is very “in” at the moment. You can google the word Nefilim.

Although not a bestseller in Sweden (yet?), Nefilim was sold to a lot of countries at the german Book Fair in October to a very high price. It will be released in Norway, German, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Holland and Portugal. I think it has a very good international potential.

Read it!

I´m looking forward to reading the next book about Nova Barakel whom you can find on facebook!

The book is a review copy from Telegram förlag (Telegram publisher)


  1. I recommend this book too, and I agree with Sara that I prefer Nova’s character over Amanda’s, but overall a great story!

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    02 March 2010 4:22

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