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The Case

Greger Lind on 13 Friday Street was found dead in his first floor apartment.

Greger had been killed with a shot to his head. The apartment was locked and the security chain secured. The door to the balcony was open.

No weapon was found at the crime scene, but the police still looked for gunpowder residue on Greger’s hands but no traces were found.

The police found two blood stains that they could not explain, one on a glass vase standing in the window and the other one on the balcony railing.


The Crime Scene

The police searched Greger’s home very thoroughly, but could not find anything strange.

The police discovered that Greger owned a dog, which was not at home at the time of the murder. A year ago Greger had signed up for a life insurance with the dog as the sole beneficiary. The police did not investigate this further, since it would be highly unlikely that the dog could have killed its owner, especially since the dog was at doggie daycare at the time of the murder.

Greger’s housekeeper, Louise, was asked to come to the apartment to see if anything was missing. She did not notice anything, but before she left the mentioned that she thought that Greger had had two figurines, one on each window sill, but she was not sure of it.

The police suspected that the murderer had escaped through the balcony door, due to the bloodstain on the balcony railing. The police became even more convinced after they talked to the neighbors and found out that a car with a ladder had been parked by Greger’s balcony.

They found the owner of the car, Jan Svensson, a painter who indeed has a ladder on the roof of this car. The police also found a few small blood stains on the top step of the ladder.

Jan Svensson claimed that he was innocent, and that he had no idea how the blood had ended up on his ladder. He did admit, however, that his car had been parked by Greger’s balcony all day, since that was the only parking spot he could find. There was a dumpster close by the balcony as well, and you are not supposed to park next to it (so the truck that empties the dumpster can get to it). But Jan knew that the dumpster would not be emptied until later, so he parked there anyway. He may have parked illegally, but he had absolutely nothing to do with the murder!

Jan Svensson also claimed that he had never even met Greger: “I apparently ran into his housekeeper in the stairway, but we did not even speak since she was walking a dog and was also busy fiddling with a yellow little thing that she held very carefully in her hands.”

The police decided to arrest Jan Svensson anyway. Jan Svensson demanded that his aunt Hulda becomes his defender. Aunt Hulda is therefore allowed to visit Greger Lind’s apartment.


The Apartment


Close Ups


The Balcony Railing


The Content of Greger’s Trash


Aunt Hulda’s Notes

Aunt Hulda was about to leave when she noticed that something was missing. Suddenly all the pieces fell into place! The sewing supplies, the contents of the trash, the missing figurine, the bloodstains, and the last “piece of the puzzle” she did not notice at first… They all belonged together!

Aunt Hulda solved the case!

Can you solve the case?


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