Murder in the 11th house

Murder in the 11th House

… Is an astrological detective story written by an American author named Michelle Scott Lewis. The author is himself an astrologer and is said to have predicted a series of economic events as the crash of the 2008th. The book is not translated into Swedish, but is available on the major international sites such as This is Scott Lewis’s debut crime novel, and was released this year.


David Lowell is a private investigator who uses astrology to in his detective work. Through a person’s social security number, he can pressent a series of characteristics that the person possesses. That way he can figure out how a person should act / have acted in different situations. I’m not much for astrology as science but the book was still a nice mix between astrology and reasoning reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. In this book. Davids daughter ask him to him to help to clear a client. The client is a dual nature with a bad temper, and David does not know how he should interpret her, but when both the client, David and his daughter is threatened, he realizes that it’s probably more to the case than a fiery temper.


The book is exciting, but not hard-boiled. Cozy but not wimpy, and has a set of great characters. The main character David belongs to the category of super detectives who both have brains but doesn´t hesitate to use force if necessary. It is certainly an enjoyable read and interesting enough to withstand a stretch reading.

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  1. We could have used this one for the 11th day of Christmas 🙂 Well, stay tuned to see what we selected instead…

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    03 January 2012 18:40