by Dan Buthler and Dag Öhrlund

International corporations are blackmailed via the Internet. Numerous murders occur worldwide without any motives. Killers and victims have as far as we know never met, and the murders are almost impossible to solve. The Swedish police Jacob Colt and his international colleagues struggle to find a connection. But it is not the investigation that is in focus, but rather the crimes and the reasons behind them.

Many Characters

The novel takes place in several countries, on different continents in all walks of life. Sometimes I think the authors have bit off more than they can chew. When the authors have introduced the characters in one spot and you feel connected, the characters are cast aside to be replaced with the next ones. With that many characters and stories it almost feels like they have crammed several books into one.

Murder Network

The fact that the Internet is behind some horrific things is hardly a secret, and after having read this book I wonder if a similar murder network would be possible in reality.

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