Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This Australian TV series (13 episodes) is a real gem. It was shown in Australia this spring and was released on DVD early this summer.

Based on Book Series

The series is based on a series of books by Kerry Greenwood. I had neither heard of the books nor the author before I saw the TV series.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries reminds me a bit about Miss Marple, that is if Miss Marple had been a lot younger, more into girl power and also had a knack for ending up in bed with a different man in each episode…


The series takes place in Australia in the 1920s. Miss Phryne Fisher… or sorry, The Honorable Miss Phryne Fisher (she was born poor but inherited a title and an enormous fortune after the war) is the main character and she is a woman who knows how to end up in trouble. When she gets involved in, and also solves, a murder mystery, she decides to become a private detective. That is the basis for the story.

Unlike other similar detective series, the episodes are not entirely independent. There are a few threads that run through the whole series, which really gives it another dimension! The main one is about Miss Fisher’s younger sister, who disappeared as a child. A man, who claims he is innocent, is serving time for the abduction, but is he really guilty and if so, what happened to the sister?

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  1. I have not been able to find it in the U.S. Anyone who has?

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    10 July 2012 1:21