Midsummer´s reading


Midsummer in Sweden is the best time of the year. Everything is green and blossoms. The evenings are bright as the sun barely sets before sunrise. This is also the best time to read. Even if you don´t have an early vacation you still have plenty of time to sit outside on the grass, on the terrace, or balcony and relax and read.

Elly Griffiths

I’ve just read the fifth book in the Elly Griffith series about Ruth Galloway, head Archaeologist at Norfolk University. I love Ruth. She is warm, friendly and a believable character. The characters around her are perhaps a bit odd but who can help but fall in love with the druid Cathbad, her neurotic friend Shona or the strong detective inspector Nelson with a gentle heart.

Dying fall

In this fifth book Ruth has just managed to balance being a single mother, work and having a social life. A friend from the past sends her a letter telling her about a big “discovery” he has made. The only problem is that he dies in a fire just after sending her the letter. Ruth travels to northern England to find out more about the discovery.


  1. Sounds interesting. What is the title?

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    24 June 2013 19:45

  2. Dying fall is the name of the fifth book but you should read them in order. The first book is called The crossing places.

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    24 June 2013 22:21

  3. Thank you, I will put them on my to-read list 🙂

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    24 June 2013 23:31