Men who hates women as theater!

A couple of weeks ago we at Deckarhuset/TheCrimeHouse received an invitation to a theater in Copenhagen. Nørrebro Theater has made a play of Stieg Larsson’s Men who hate women. I think that is amazing. I am still amazed at how big Stieg larssons and his three books have become.

Going to far?
A play about the books makes sense but what about this? Last week I heard that there will also be a comic book in french about Stieg Larsson and his fight against right extremist and racism.

lisbethsalanderWhat will be next?
I can´t help but wonder what will be next? A Lisbeth Salander clothing collection? A bit too much black for me but I´m sure some will find that interesting….


  1. Looking forward to the review of the play!

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    29 November 2010 16:45

  2. The comic book that is coming out, about the authors life, that is taking it too far! The play sounds like a good idea!

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    30 November 2010 17:59