MemoRandom by Anders de la Motte

This is Anders de la Motte’s fourth thriller and the beginning of a new series. His first three novels are all part of the acclaimed Geim-trilogy (Geim, Buzz, and Bubble) that several of us at TheCrimeHouse loved!

Has he done it again? Yes!

MemoRandom is similar to the Geim-trilogy in some ways: they are written in a way that accelerates the tempo to the maximum. They have extremely stylish covers. They both consist of many small elaborate details, e.g. in MemoRandom the title card is twenty pages into the novel, which gives you a feeling of TV series and pop culture. This type of detail is not groundbreaking in itself, but when added to the story it elevates it even further.

Both the Geim-trilogy and MemoRandom are also based on cheezy movie stories (Geim: games IRL via cell phones. MemoRandom: amnesia.)

It may sound like something negative, and usually it IS negative. But they say that there is a subtle line between genius and madness. The same goes for the line between a good and a bad plot. Anders de la Motte’s brilliance is that he with this elaborate storytelling technique succeeds in balancing on that line. And it turns out that the balancing act is quite exciting!

The Plot

David Sarac is a handler at the Intelligence Unit of the Stockholm Police Force. His job is to recruit and manage top secret informants. Manipulation, bribes and threats – no one is asking any questions as long as he delivers results. But David loses his memory after a terrible car accident. He loses control over his advanced network of deception and lies, and he is suddenly fair game for anyone who wants to find out his secrets. He needs to reconnect with the missing informant “Janus” who is high up in the criminal hierarchy to protect himself and his sources. Several people, on both sides of the law, seem prepared to do anything to uncover Janus’s real identity. Or maybe to protect it?

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