Maria Wern #17


There is something special about authors that publish a novel every year. Anna Jansson has written a crime novel about Maria Wern every year since 2000. Part 17 (!) had a slow start and something worth noting is that a character in the book describes how important it is to catch the audience’s interest (the character describes a speech, but same thing goes for a novel).

I got through the slow beginning and after that the novel became really interesting, and the ending is much better. As usual it is a typical Wern-novel and you know what you are in for if you have read Jansson’s other novels in the series.

End of the World

The police on Gotland are preparing for the summer tourists while trying to minimize the spread of drugs on the island. Privately Maria Wern struggle with having a new bonus-son, and at work she leads the investigation of a brutal murder. Her husband is stuck on the mainland since all ships have been cancelled due to the weather, which is anything but normal with hurricane strong winds.

Is the end of the world near? Yes, at least if we are to believe a group of people on Gotland. An astronomical clock made by Christoffer Polhem has counted down since the 1700s and the family that owns it has long prepared for their survival. Now it seems like the end is near.


Original title in Swedish: Rädslans fångar

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