Maria Wern #15

The girl Mirela is bullied by an older boy and she does not know what to do, and she refuses to tell her mother. She looks forward to getting away from the boy when she gets the opportunity to go to a summer camp. It quickly becomes apparent that Mirela is really miserable and one night she disappears from the camp. Maria Wern’s children are at the same camp, and Maria gets involved.

At the same time there are several burglaries in the area, but the police have no clues. Then an old man gets murdered and they wonder if the burglaries are tied to the murder. The man was a German soldier than came to Gotland during WWII and when the police investigate the murder they start suspecting that the solution is in the past.

Maria Wern is also planning her wedding to firefighter Björn, but her past (that we get to know more about) stops her from fully enjoying it.

It Gets Better

This is Anna Jansson’s 15th (!) novel about the poliewoman Maria Wern from Gotland, Sweden. The last novel and this one are definitely two of the best ones in the series. It is difficult to keep long series fresh, but Anna Jansson has succeeded. Maria Wern has gone through a lot, but her relations are renewed without it feeling forced. Good job!

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