Mari Jungstedt – The Fourth Victim

Jungstedts latest novel

Recently the Swedish crime author Mari Jungstedt released her 9th crime novel about Inspector Anders Knutas who lives and work in the beautiful Island Gotland (outside the east coast of Sweden).

The fourth victim (may be another title in English)

Mari Jungstedt is one of these author, who is very common i Sweden, that adresses social problems. In this case it is about a young girl who ends up in foster home. A story like this could be very “black and white” put she manage to tell the story without pointing fingers. The message is that people are not just evil or just good.


Like so many crime authors these days Jungstedt uses parallel stories and jumps from present to past. A young girl is sent to a foster home in the Island of Gotland but are having trouble adjusting with a family that are “normal”. The book start in the present with a bank robbery that goes terrible wrong. Anders Knutas and his team quickly start the chase, but the police are not the only one who is after the bank robbers….


Anders Knutas is a nice Inspector with some problems with his wife in this book. We also follow a journalist and his photographer that usually compete with the police on chasing criminals. In this novel the description of the young girl is heart breaking and made the book so good.

”Someone to discover”

I think Mari Jungstedt crime novels are something to discover. It took a while for me to get in to her books but with this book I can honestly say that she is a crime author to be reckoned with and I´m looking forward to her next book.

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