Maisie Dobbs Series

I recently came across a detective series about a female detective in the aftermath of World War I. A lesson in Secrets is written by the British author Jacqueline Winspear.


Maisie Dobbs accepts an undercover assignment for the Secret Service. She is to act as a teacher at a college in Cambridge and observe activities that seems strange. During her stay, the college founder, who is a controversial pacifier. In the spirit of peace and understanding the staff and students are handpicked from different countries.

Maisie also has some personal matters to attend to. Like how to handle her long distance relationship and help a friend in desperate need of help.

For those who liked Nancy Drew in their tweens

Maisie Dobbs is a charming, very independent woman (for the time she lives in). The books have a bit of romance in them and there are never any really scary moments. I loved it, but I love almost all historical crime novel and of course I loved Nancy Drew. Winspear has done a great job with setting the scene to the 1930s.

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