Law & Order: Los Angeles

Law and Order

The TV show Law & Order: Los Angeles premieres in the U.S. on September 29, 2010. It will air on NBC on Wednesdays at 10/9c.

Do we really need another Law & Order spin-off? Do not get me wrong, I love the series, and my favorite is the spin-off Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Either way, I will make sure to tune in next week and see if this will be another show that will be on “series record” on my DVR.

“The newest addition to the Law & Order brand, ‘Law & Order: Los Angeles’ fuses classic ripped-from-the-headlines storytelling with the distinctive backdrop of LA – delving into the unique attitudes, cultures and crimes of the West Coast.” Source:

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  1. I’m still undecided after the first episode, so I guess I’ll have to watch a few more to make up my mind 🙂

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    07 October 2010 23:20