Last Jew Standing by Michael Simon

Last Jew Standing is the latest book in the series about Dan Reles, written by Michael Simon. This book picks up a couple of years after Little Faith. It’s now the middle of the nineties and lieutenant Reles lives with his wife Rachel and his little son in a new house in Austin, Texas. But just when thinks seems to have calmed down for Reles, and he is getting into his new routines as a family man, his father, who he hasn’t seen for twenty years turns up. And he is not alone: he has a young female with him- a prostitute.

Reles hasn’t got a good relationship with his father who is an ex boxer and has served time in jail. Reles father now brings trouble with him since the girl he has brought with him was “owned” by a crime boss in New York and he wants her back- at any cost. Zelig, the boss, arrives in Austin set on getting his property back and if it means that he has to destroy all of Austin while he does it then so be it. The hunt is on.

High tempo

As usual the tempo is high and the book is action-packed from cover to cover. I actually though it was really hard to put it down. It is just non-stop action on every page. But even though there is a high tempo and everything is going at a pace of 250 it is still a book that is easy to read. I just can’t figure out why a Swedish publishing company hasn’t picked it up yet because I think it’ll do well over here.

Some final thoughts

I really hope this isn’t the last book in the Reles series because I’ve really started to like both Reles and Torbett, who was his partner in the two first books. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m going to say it again but I really like characters that are more “human”, who are not perfect, who makes mistakes and who almost annoy you so much that you want to throw the book across the room. Because the characters in these books are like that. It is easier to relate to them and that makes the whole reading experience much better and in a way much more intense.


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