New Main Character, New Publisher

This is Kristina Appelqvist’s fifth crime novel and this time she has a new publisher and a new main character. Here it is Helena Waller, literature researcher at Västgöta University, who is in focus. Helena is also a board member in the Hans Wiksten Foundation, and she is pulled into a murder mystery when another board member is found dead at Bjertorp’s Castle during one of their meetings. Of course all board members become suspects. Helena’s friend Eva Norén, Human Resources Manager in the town of Skövde, is also dragged into a murder mystery when an employee at a retirement home in the town is killed.

Helena also takes on speech writing assignments and gets in trouble when she writes for two opposing views in a debate regarding the monarchy. This side story is almost more exciting than the actual murder mystery; will she get caught?

“Write what you know”

The novel starts with the question: ”Do you want to know who will receive this year’s Nobel Prize in literature?” and this a month before the winner is made official. Literature is a red thread through the novel and the author writes about what she knows, i.e. the academic world. Krista Appelqvist has worked as a Communications Manager at Högskolan in Skövde (College in Skövde). The police presence in this crime novel is almost nonexistent, and there is not a private investigator that tries to solve the murder mystery either. Regarding the murders there are few details.

Helena Waller keeps her distance to most people, including the reader, and you never really get the feeling of caring about her. In the next novel I hope we get to know her better.


Original title in Swedish: Minns mig som en ängel

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