John Verdon – Think of a number

Debut book

The Thriller Think of a number is, the American author, John Verdon’s, debut book but it doesn’t feel like a debut book. It feels more like book No. 5 in a series and that is good for a debutant. The book has hit big in the U.S. and it just feels very American and i bet it will be a converted in to a movie soon.


Dave Gurney is a retired police detective who has left New York City to a life on the country side with his wife. One day he receives a call from an old college acquaintance. His friend has had a couple of mysterious letters that have alarmed him greatly and so he asked Gurney for help. I will not reveal much more but it is a traditional cat and mouse game with a vindictive serial killer. The story takes place in beautiful New England.

Shifting quality of riddles

As in similar thrillers the story is based on mysteries and riddles that the protagonist must try to solve. I will not get in to details but some things felt really clever and smart but a few things didn’t feel very smart and less credible. Had the author just worked a little more on them, I would have been really excited about this book.

Level of thrill

This is a page-turner but I was a little disappointed.. The main character Gurney feels a little sterotypish (overworked investigators who works to much at the expense of the relationship with his wife) but on the other hand, Verdon gave more depth to the character than many other similar characters in other books.


This is an OK thriller for those who like stories about serial killers.

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