James Twining – The Double Eagle

James Twining and Tom Kirk

Brittish Briton James Twining was  a new acquaintance for me. Double Eagle is the first in a series about Tom Kirk, a gentleman art thief. I love heist-plots and the art world so this suits me perfectly!



After a murder in Europe the FBI discovers that some highly valuable coins are missing (the double eagle) from Fort Knox! Tom Kirk, who is known as the best art thieves in the world immediately becomes a suspect and a female FBI-agent tracks him down. After she realizes Tom is innocent he helps her find the real thief and together the travel around Europe.


Cosmopolitan Flair

What I liked about this book was that it had a cosmopolitan feel to it. Big plus also for the reader (I listened to the book) that nailed the U.S, French, Dutch and various British accents. I believe the book would be perfect as a movie.

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