Interview with Hans-Olov Öberg

We visited the publishing company Kalla Kulor to meet the author Hans-Olov Öberg whose latest crime novel was recently published in Sweden.

We ask why he became an author. He tells us that his interest in the written word started early. He learned how to read when he was three years old.

“The neighbor’s six-year-old daughter was learning how to read and I sat next to her and happened to learn it at the same time.”

During his first years in elementary school Hans-Olov started to write stories featuring knights.

“But they weren’t that good,” he adds.

A few years later he and a friend started exchanging crime stories that they had written themselves.

“The stories were humoristic with a hint of parody, but it was a start. I finished my first manuscript when I was on paternity leave, and in hindsight I was lucky that no one wanted to publish it.”

However, Hans-Olov received a lot of useful feedback. He found out that his language was funny and easy to read, but that he needed to learn how to structure the story. He ended up taking a writing class, where one of his classmates were the then unknown Åsa Larsson (!). After the writing class things fell into place and he has written eight crime novels now!

We also ask him what gave him the idea for his latest novel.

“I like to describe environments and then create a scenario that fits the environment and that’s how the latest novel started. I had the environment and had to sit down and figure out a scenario… Who would want to murder a choirboy?”

We cannot reveal the answer to why someone would want to murder the young singer, but the inspiration to the ”reason” is taken from reality and the author’s own childhood, even though it did not lead to a murder back then.

At last, we ask him if he can describe his writing with a few words.

Hans-Olov pauses and then answers: “Tempo, presence, passion, evil and issues with authority” and after thinking about it for a few more moments he adds: “I would like to change passion to a passion for wording!”

We thank Hans-Olov Öberg and wish him good luck with his latest novel (which really is a thriller you should not miss!)

His first novel is the first part of a trilogy about Benny Modigh and Elias Fagervik. The following two parts take place in the 80s and 90s.

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