Interview with Anders Jallai

Hello Anders Jallai, and welcome to TheCrimeHouse!

As a fighter pilot, diver, and persistent “busybody” how did you decide that now was the time to write books?

I had a lot of information I wanted to share. Unfortunately it was mostly classified information or information that would be sensitive to many involved. To prevent being sued or prosecuted I decided to write fiction based on facts.

A trilogy – why ”just” three books, have you run out of secrets?

I have told the most important ones in my trilogy, but sure, there are more.

To mix facts and fiction, how do you handle that with so much personal knowledge?

It is quite entertaining to, for example, create a fictional extreme and decadent restaurant in the middle of Stockholm´s archipelago as a platform for my characters to act in.

Despite your professions as fighter pilot and diver, I have a hard time grasping that you know so many secrets. Do your colleagues have access to the same information, and if so, why are they not writing books?

I have not learned the information I know and write about in my professional life. There are a select few in this country who have access to the same information, but they have secret identities and cannot tell, let alone write about it. Unfortunately that is all I can say.

In “Inside Spy” we get to know a little bit about the man we have gotten to know as Wennerström´s buddy Mr. X, but you do not name him. He is supposedly dead – so why not?

There are a few who know who Mr. X is, especially among his former intelligence colleagues. To reveal his identity would put me in a difficult situation, which I prefer to avoid. But there are people, e.g. officers in the security police who know and can confirm. That is enough for me and gives credibility to my story. I have written some bonus material to the paperback version of “Inside Spy” where I elaborate on Mr. X some more.

Can we say that you have pulled an ”All information is qualified secret” (classified forever) stunt?

No, not exactly, but the stories contain very sensitive information for Sweden, Russia and Nato.

Speaking of classified information and ”All information is qualified secret” – how many shady events are really classified forever?

The assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, parts of the DC-3 event, parts of the spy cases like Wennerström and Bergling, the submarine violations, and what was transported onboard Estonia will most likely be classified forever.

In ”The Traitor” you touch on the assassination of Olof Palme. You never thought about blowing the whistle? I find it hard to believe that you would have a problem with the role as whistleblower, especially considering the content of your three novels.

There are many people who have blown the whistle. Unfortunately media does not listen. They only publish stories about Christer Pettersson. Some truths are too uncomfortable to mention. But maybe in the future? Until then you will get them in the form of fiction.

You have supposedly said to someone at the National Defense Radio Establishment that ”I will spend the rest of my life to find the truth about the DC-3 affair.” How far have you come? Is it not time for the fourth part of the trilogy?

I have, I think, found out most things about the DC-3. You can read about it on my website.

The third thriller ”The Nato Agent” has recently been published (in Swedish) and we get to follow Anton Modin to the ocean depths where Estonia rests. You write very descriptively and when the trio of divers with a severe lack of oxygen discover that the tubes to the reserve air tanks have been cut off I feel like I cannot breathe… How much of what is in the book have you experienced?

I have not personally dived down to Estonia, but I know people who have. I have also dived to similar wrecks with a lot of deceased onboard. You also have to do thorough research.

How have the victims´ families reacted to “The Nato Agent?”

I was in contact with a few relatives during the writing process and a few representatives for the victims afterwards. I think they understand that I had to write the way I did, but at the same time I am aware that I stir up emotions. Of course!

Markus Gossas has said that ”There are crazy conspiracy theories that you can neither prove nor disprove. They are universal, and always about some secret group that is behind everything and that rules the world.” How do you view that statement?

You can find conspiracy theories about most things and some ”specialists” are difficult to disprove. What I share is about the events in Swedish history that I believe are conspiracies. That does not mean that I believe all conspiracy theories – far from it.

If I compare your three novels I clearly notice that you have gone from fact filled to more fiction (50/50?) to something that I feel is even more mixed (70/30?). Is that correct, and if so, what is behind that move?

It is, and it is according to plan. The idea is that anyone should be able to read at least the second and third novel as simply a good thriller.

Finally, what are you working on right now? Can you share something special with TheCrimeHouse´s readers?

We´ll see. But if you have read my books carefully you may be able to guess what I will do next. A clue is that it is not fiction.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, and good luck with your next secret project!

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