Icelandic Crime Series


During the Holidays I saw an icelandic Crime Series called the Cliff that I found interesting.


An accident happens (or is it an accident?) and a man dies next to a cliff.  The man who died worked with his father with building a power plant that the locals are protesting against since they consider it to be holy. The police inspector Helgi Marvinsson is sent to the countryside to assist police inspector Inga Aradottir with the investigation. During the investigation they find envy and infidelity as well as personal drama.



Both main characters have some personal issues. Helgi are finding it hard to deal with his sons recent death and Inga has some marital problems. At first I was very annoyed with the character Inga but she grew on me.


The third character in this series is the nature. Iceland is beautiful, a waste land with a picture perfect landscape.

See it…
If you like nordique crime series/books and beautiful nature.

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