Murder on Midsummer’s Eve

This is Veronica Sten’s fifth novel in the series about Nora Linde and Thomas Andreasson. She says she came up with the idea for the book when she walked through Sandhamn’s harbor a Midsummer’s night.

Midsummer in the Swedish Archipelago

The novel takes place during a Midsummer’s weekend in Sandhamn. Not surprisingly the harbor is filled with boats and a lot of young people have gathered to celebrate Midsummer. On Midsummer’s Day a young person is found murdered on the beach.

It is not exactly easy to question teenagers who are reluctant to tell the police how they spent Midsummer’s Eve partying. To make it even more difficult they have different version of what happened, which we find out since the author lets us relive Midsummer’s Eve through the eyes of several people.

Realistic and Entertaining

The novel feels realistic and the author is good at describing how difficult being a teenager can be. She also succeeds in keeping the reader’s interest and plants clues here and there, but it is still very tricky to figure out the solution. We get to follow Nora’s and Thomas’s relationships, but she keeps a good balance and the focus remains on the murder mystery, and unlike many other crime novels only one murder is committed in this book.


Original title in Swedish: I stundens hetta


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