Helene Tursten – In the shelter of Shadows (free translation!)

Crime novel veteran

Helene Tursten is one of several female crime writers in Sweden who have written, or are approaching the 2-digit book number in written books together with Liza Marklund, Camilla Läckberg, Anna Jansson, Mari Jungstedt (to name a few). It’s probably easy to just write books on routine but  Helene has managed to avoid it with this book. This newly released book is number 12 with the character Irene Huss who works as a police investigator in Gothenburg. The books about Irene Huss have been translated into fifteen languages among them are: Italy, Britain, France, Germany, Poland and Spain. All books have also been filmed.

Plot summary

It seems that a new war between two criminal gangs is about to escalate in Gothenburg. At the same time Huss´s family car blows up outside the pair Huss newly purchased restaurant and Irene’s family is suddenly in great danger….

Criminal underworld

Portraying the criminal world is becoming increasingly popular in Swedish crime literature. The Stockholm Noir genre is a new genre that is best symbolized by Jens Lapidus books. The criminal underworld is woven into more “traditional” police novels more often and more thoroughly. The insight in the criminal  underworld is not as deep as  in Jens Lapidus books , instead the focus in this book is on the people affected by criminal gangs.


Final Score: Helene Tursten – Still going strong!

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