Have you read any of Jussi Adler-Olsens crime novels?

If not, start with his first book of Section Q The woman in the room  I read his third book, Message in a bottle from P a while ago and realized immediately that here I had found a new love!


The protagonist of the Adler-Olsen’s books is Carl Mörck, director of the small cold case department (department Q) at the Copenhagen Police. The first case Mörck goes through is a five year old case in which a high-ranking politician disappeared. It’s hard to tell much about the document without revealing too much, therefore I stop here.

Carl Mörck

Carl Morck is a fantastic character. He is a lazy person with certain “shortcomings” in his social skills but impossible not to like. Mörck thoughts and reflections on his Muslim assistant or his ex-wife is brilliantly described by the author. All with a great sense of humor.


Just as brilliant as Adler-Olsen is on creating characters, he is at creating a thrilling atmosphere. Especially the creepy feeling you get when something is scary without necessarily being bloody. Again, I do not want to reveal too much of the story but Adler-Olsen gives a great psychological portrayal of a vulnerable person.

High quality

This book is both exciting and keeps a consistently high quality all over. The characters are thoughtful and the author skillfully mixes humor, suspense and psychology. I can really recomend his books!

Jussi Adler-Olsen …

…. Is a Danish crime writer who won the Glass Key (Year’s Best Scandinavian Crime Novel) in 2010 for his third book, message in a bottle from P.

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