Guiltless by Viveca Sten

A young girl disappears without a trace on her way home from a friend a fall evening. The friend suggests that she may have committed suicide, and the police eventually call of the search. A few months later a few kids find an arm buried in the snow. It turns out to be the missing girl’s arm and the police reopen the investigation.

In addition to the murder investigation we get to follow a family in Sandhamn in the early 1900s, and the chapters shift between the present and the past. Personal relationships play a big role in both stories and it was not surprising that they would be tied together in the end, but even so I could not figure out how the stories were related.

Guiltless is the third novel by Viveca Sten in the series set in Sandhamn, Sweden. Somehow I have missed the first two, but now I will definitely keep my eyes open for future novels. I have mentioned before that it is common for crime writers to tie the present to historic events and I think the author does it successfully in this novel.

Original title in Swedish: I grunden utan skuld