Good Behavior


Good Behavior is a TNT show that I stumbled upon while looking for a new show to stream. I am happy I found it because it is quite good, and fans of crime fiction will appreciate it. It is a throwback, crime noir type show, with a flawed main character–except this time it is a female character, which is a nice change of pace.

Michelle Dockery

I never watched Downton Abbey and was not familiar with Michelle Dockery, but you cannot take your eyes off her, and her performance carries the show. She is paired with an Argentinian actor, who I have also never seen before, but his performance is also outstanding and complements hers perfectly–the chemistry is undeniable. She plays a burglar/con artist, struggling with addiction, just released from prison, and her path becomes intertwined with his character, a mysterious hit-man.

A Rainy Day Show

A TV critic I used to read, Andy Greenwald, complained that most new shows took place in Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, or maybe Chicago, but this one is a refreshing departure from that usual path and takes place mostly in small town North Carolina and some of the surrounding states, and the creators use this setting to enhance the look and feel of the show. It is a good rainy day/snowy day show to make it through this winter, and I recommend it if you are able to get access on TNT or other streaming services.

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