Gone by Mo Hayder

Jack Caffery is the Bristol based detective in this Mo Hayder crime novel. This time he is chasing a somewhat odd carjacker, who only steals cars with children in the back. Sometimes he returns the children, sometimes he does not. What does he do with the ones not returned? Will Caffery find them in time, before they die?

Jack is not alone in his hunt for the villain. He gets unwanted help from Flea Marley. A lady who, just like Jack, has her own idea what “by the book” means. They do not work together but follow their own clues, and eventually Flea gets herself into real trouble.

There is a third important person taking part in the solving of the carjacker case, the walking man, who is a former businessman and now a tramp. He once lost his daughter to a pedophile. He helps Jack in his own way, and makes him turn stones he never thought would hide anything.

Brilliant Plot

The story is rather uncomplicated; we get to follow Jacks team step by step and Mo has hidden the identity of the carjacker really well. The plot is brilliant and the clues are sophisticatedly placed in order for the reader to follow the hunt side by side with Jack.

I was somewhat disappointed in the last two novels about Caffery, “Ritual” and “Skin,” but with “Gone” Mo Hayder is truly and fully back!

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