Game by Anders de la Motte


I had read several rave reviews about this novel and had very high expectations, but I was not disappointed.

Let the Game Begin

The novel is about Henrik “HP” Pettersson, a slacker who finds a new cell phone on a seat in the subway. His first thought is to make a quick buck, but when the phone sends him a message asking if he wants to play a game he cannot resist and responds “yes.” The game invites him to mission after mission and HP takes increasing risks in order to keep playing. We also get to follow Rebecca Normén who works for the Swedish Security Service (Säpo) and it does not take long before their paths cross.

Contemporary Crime Novel

Game is Anders de la Motte’s first novel. It is a different crime novel, easy to read, exciting and with a fast pace. The author uses computer language, expressions from the gaming world as well as a lot of English and slang (I read the book in Swedish). He also incorporates text messages, emails and chat conversations in the text, which makes it feel very contemporary. I like how the conspiracy theories tie the novel to several real events. And who can resist this book cover? The novel is well worth a few hours of your time.


I really thought the novel would make a great movie and I was not get surprised at all when I found out that SF in Sweden has bought the movie rights.

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